Jepson Prairie

Jepson Prairie in winter

Located in the lower Sacramento Valley, Jepson Prairie is an island of remnant natural prairie in a vast agricultural landscape. The reserve protects several seasonal playa lakes and one of the best remaining networks of clay-pan vernal-pool habitat in the Central Valley.  Jepson Prairie also protects remnants of native forb and bunchgrass prairie. The reserve provides wetland habitat for migratory waterfowl and wading birds, and is home to 5 rare and endangered animals.  Altogether over 400 species and 64 families of plants, including 15 rare and endangered plants, are found on site. The reserve land is managed in partnership with the Solano Land Trust -  which owns the property - the Nature Conservancy, and an active docents group.

The Jepson Prairie Docents provide wildflower and natural history tours each spring.  Check this website for updates on tour schedules and opportunities to be trained as a docent.  A short trail is open to those wishing to birdwatch and admire the wildflowers on their own.

Researchers and class groups are encouraged to use the site; please see application process guidelines.

California Tiger Salamander by Adam Clause
California Tiger Salamander by Adam Clause