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Our story

The University of California Natural Reserve System is the largest and most productive network of university field stations in the world. Forty-one reserves across California protect examples of most of the state’s ecosystems for research and teaching. Each reserve is administered by one of the UC campuses; the UC Davis Natural Reserve System manages six sites. Established in 1965 in the face of ever-expanding land development in the state, the Natural Reserves have served as outdoor laboratories and classrooms for thousands of scientists and students. Through the decades, they have accumulated long-term data sets of ever-increasing value, especially as scientists struggle to understand the effects of climate change and land-use changes in California landscapes. 


Apply now for two open positions!


Two research stations, the Lassen Field Station and the Quail Ridge Reserve, are hiring Directors.  These positions offer the opportunity for both independent and collaborative work with our team of 10 dedicated land managers and stewards.

These reserves are part of the University of California Natural Reserve System, which consists of 41 protected landscapes across the state.  UC Davis manages six reserves across northern California in support of our mission of research, teaching and public service. Our sites include thousands of acres of natural landscapes, from marine habitats and coastal prairies to oak woodlands and volcanic peaks. Reserve staff actively manage these large wildland areas to support research and teaching. Overnight facilities and work areas are available for research or class use.

The Lassen position has two primary roles, split approximately equally: Director of the Lassen Field Station and Director of Strategic Engagement for all six UC Davis Reserves.

Find the Lassen Field Station/Strategic Engagement Director job description and a link to apply here.

Find the Quail Ridge Reserve Director job description and a link to apply here.