Bodega Marine Reserve cliffs

Bodega Marine Reserve

Bodega Marine Reserve (BMR) is a living laboratory and outdoor classroom that provides protected lands and waters for research and education on the north central coast of California. Perched on a headland above the Pacific Ocean, BMR features a diversity of terrestrial and marine habitats including rocky intertidal and subtidal areas, beaches, brackish and freshwater marshes, coastal prairie, bluffs, and sand dunes. This region is known for the strength of wind-driven coastal upwelling and the complex geology of the San Andreas fault.

BMR is home to the Bodega Marine Laboratory (BML), which offers laboratory facilities, classrooms, housing, conference rooms, research support facilities, and more. The combination of natural habitats at BMR and lab facilities at BML provides a world-class research and education destination just 65 miles north of San Francisco and 100 miles west of Davis.

BMR is one of 41 reserves in the statewide University of California Natural Reserve System, and is one of 6 reserves administered by UC Davis.

Researchers on Bodega Bay